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Wu Jin San


We at Mana Life make the only true cold extracted fulvic acid isolate in the world and the only one certified by HPTA for exact fulvic acid percentage. Mana Life Labs stands above the rest as the world leader in fulvic acid products for health and healing.

Dr. Faust, the inventor of the cold extraction process, discovered how to isolate fulvic acid from humic in Hawai`i, and thus we chose the word “mana” as the namesake for our lab. Mana is a word with no single english equivalent. Roughly translated mana in Hawaiian means supernatural, divine and miraculous power. Mana animates all living things. In the east they call this prana, chi or qi, and in the west it is called life force or orgone energy. The products of Mana Life give you MANA!

Mana Life products based on modern and traditional uses of humic substances, medicinal mushrooms, longevity herbs and vital minerals. These products are based on solid worldwide scientific research and centuries of tradition. All materials used are sourced from the western United States. All Mana Life products are made in the U.S.A.

Mana Life Products For Health & Wellbeing

Wujinsan d s

Agronomy, Integrated Pest Management Advisor/Agroecologist

Robert Faust Ph.D Founder and President of Mana Life Laboratory is a world leader in the technology and application of humate derivatives including fulvic and humic acid as well as Asian medical Mushroom science. Mana Life Lab was started to produce Chinese natural medicines that utilize fulvic acid. Herbal supplements are also produced and include medicinal mushrooms in combination with herbs. These products have known benefits derived from ancient and modern sources.

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Wu Jin San
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