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Team Fulvic

Health Retailers

  • People’s Food Co-op, Portland OR
  • Vital Nutrients, Santa Cruz CA (HumaSoak only)

Health Practitioners

  • Wanek Medical Center, Greensboro NC
  • Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, AZ
  • Ash Creek Chiropractic, Independence OR
  • Taos Chiropractic, Taos NM
  • Dr. Kevin Alen Acupuncturist, St. Augustine FL
  • Easy Europe BV, Holland
  • Intestinal Fitness, LLC, NC
  • Cell Rejuvination Center, OR

If you currently carry our products, but do not see your company name please contact us via the contact page and include your store name and state, and let us know you’d like to be included on our website. Many dealers do not buy direct, and are not listed here, so be sure to ask for our product in the store nearest you.

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