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New Company Same Great Herbal  Products

New Company Same great herbal products

Dear Customers,

Mana Life Laboratory is now marketing the fulvic acid product Wujinsan along with the other products that were sold by Faust Bioag Inc. All product is packaged in an approved facility in Nevada and will be shipped from Nevada. The quality control is very high and our product is now undergoing a new processing step using a vortex device to change the structure of the water. The vortex treatment “makes the water wetter” and change it’s ability to hydrate. Mana Life has the purest fulvic acid in the world make with filtered and certified pure rain water that is filtered 3 times.  We use mined humates from the mines with the highest fulvic acid levels.

As we continue to grow, please make sure to visit our site for more information, new products and new developments. Fulvic and herbal supplements are our specialty, but our goal extends far beyond manufacturing. Our mission it to provide products that have known benefits based on science but are not promoted by establishment medicine that stick to the program of toxic chemo therapy.  Our products support and enhance the immune system and give us the ability to heal ourselves.
Dr. Faust answers question about Fulvic acid the real truth see the tube.

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