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Health Testimonials

Some of our valued customers shared their experiences with us and we wanted to share them with you. While we’re always thrilled to report positive news, we do want to caution that fulvic acid is not a miracle cure and is not meant to “treat” any disease or condition


“I have to say I was nervous to try Fulvic Acid because I have taken so many things that taste horrible.

I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2006. Recovery has been the hardest part. I’ve been trying to get my life back. I’ve tried so many different products.  I mixed the Fulvic Acid in water and smelled it – I didn’t really smell anything and thought “maybe it won’t be too bad”. Shot the mixture back and there was no taste at all – what a pleasant surprise! An even better surprise was how it made me feel. It gives my body a boost – one it desperately needs. I can feel the difference in my whole body when I am taking the Fulvic Acid. If I even skip one dose I just feel different – not as fresh, alert, or vital. I will happily be taking Fulvic Acid every day of my life! Thank you!”

Andy Koontz
Portland, OR


“BioAg’s Wu Jin San was approximately 25% stronger in chelating terms than all the other solutions tried…given Wu Jin San’s superior chelating abilities, it is the better value product…Because of the heavy metal content, even though the levels are very low in the other two products, for long term usage, i.e. drinking sizeable volumes daily, BlackSpy would probably recommend using Wu Jin San on account of its claimed zero mineral content.”


“I just wanted to express my appreciation of your product, WuJinSan.

For 50 some years I was always the guy who caught every “bug” that was going around and always got sicker than anybody else.  3-5 colds and 2 or more “flu”s” every single year.  For the last several years I have been taking 1 oz of WuJinSan in water daily and have gotten sick only twice. Both times coincided with me running out of WuJinSan and procrastinating on a refill – hopefully I have learnt the lesson and won’t let myself run out again! Thank you and keep up the good work!”

Bob McNeilan


“I am grateful for having discovered this product.

I am a 50 year old male. I suffered from bursitis on both of my shoulders since my early 40’s.  I had also developed bone growth on my left foot that made it too painful to walk sometimes.  As a result I stopped taking my evening jog and eventually my evening walk as well.

The only remedy offered to me for my bursitis was an operation in which they would have to go into my shoulder and surgically remove the burrs in each shoulder.  My pain was such that it was very difficult for me to just pickup the phone and hold it to my ear.  Leaving work I had to walk through a glass door that I had to push to get through.  The pain on my shoulder increased to the point that eventually I learned to backup into the door to push it open.  I started taking WuJinSan Fulvic acid not because of my bursitis but because I was hoping for an increase of energy.  I have a 30 minute drive each morning to work and so I got into the habit of drinking water with the fulvic acid on my way to work.  After about a month of this routine without even thinking about it I pushed the glass door on my way home with my arm and it was then that I realized that the pain on my shoulders was gone.  I then turned my attention to my foot and realized that my foot had also stopped hurting.  I suffered from bursitis for about 5 years and have been pain free for the last two years. I have also resumed my evening walks and even my running.  I am doing 2 – 3 miles each day.”

Manuel Cantu


“I have taken Wu Jin San for several months now and it gives me an extra boost of energy. In July of this year for several days my neck and shoulder were extremely painful.. Nothing the Doctor gave me, nor the Chiropractor did, alleviated the pain. I had heard that you could apply Wu Jin San directly to the skin and so in desperation I splashed it liberally on my shoulder and neck. Within minutes the pain decreased significantly.  It has also had the same effect on arthritic pain when applied directly on the base of my thumb. Amazing product!”

Ginny Seymour


“This past week I used the Wu Jin San on two patients:

Patient #1: 60 yr old female with controlled Type II diabetes, previous history of difficult post-op following extraction of teeth.  Four posterior teeth (3 molars) were removed.  The fulic was started when the patient got home.  One capful per 4 oz H2O every hour as a rinse.  I saw patient the next day.  She experienced early cessation of the bleeding, no post-operative pain, and significant closure of the wound margins.

Patient #2: 55 yr old femal. Hx of difficult post-op for single extractions.  Fourteen teeth were extracted, all with 80% or great bone support, (7 root canals) un IV sedation.  Fulvic was used during surgery as a final rinse of the extraction sockets, as well as following suture placement.  Patient took analgesics following surgery.  I saw patient at 24 hours, and she was doing surprisingly well, able to wear immediate complete upper denture without discomfort, and able to continue rinsing with the fulvic on an hourly basis. Again, there was cessation of bleeding and minimal swelling.

There is enough here to be encouraged to use the fulvic for all multiple extraction cases.”

Cliff Kopp, DDS


“Dear Bob,

I am very happy with your product. I have more energy, the wrinkles on my face have decreased and the darkness and puffiness under my eyes are gone.  Also, I have been using the Wu Jin San liquid tonic as a deodorant with no irritation and I am getting great results.  Thank you so much!!!”

Ken Pearson, Age 61, San Marcos CA


“Dear Dr. Faust,

Wu Jin San has been a tremendous boost to my immune system and energy level.  Within only days of taking the product I had the vitality of my youth back! My body aches, fibromyalgia, and restless leg syndrome all but disappeared and a new countenance of well-being continues to be a blessing once again.  Than you for this wonderful product.  The results have been truly amazing.”

Martha Shirley, Age 57, New Mexico

“Dear Dr. Faust,

Spoke to you many months ago and bought a gallon of Wujinsan fulvic acid from you and I finely got on it. Wow! My prostate PSA went down 60 points!!! I am the guy with the serious prostate problem. Can I increase the dilution dose to more that 1-10? I am on about 4 cups a day at that dilution ratio.”

Thank You, Rick V.



“I was skeptical when my wife wanted to order the WuJinSan Fulvic Acid and Fauna Mana Super Immune Booster , but I decided to give it a try.  I’d been taking both consistently for a month until one day I ran out of the house and forgot.  I’m an arborist, so am very physically active.  I was out working that afternoon and just felt completely wiped out, like I could go to sleep at any moment.  When I got home, I took the WuJinSan Fulvic with the Fauna Mana mushroom powder.  I didn’t expect anything really, so was surprised that within an hour I felt completely re-energized and balanced, like I just woke up!! Seriously, it was amazing! I’ve tried other products and have been completely unimpressed.  I was truly amazed by the instant results.”

Jack Walker from Enterprise, Oregon


The first thing I noticed after drinking Fauna Mana was the calming effect.  It was almost immediate.  I have replaced my morning cup of coffee with it.  I look forward to other health benefits over time, but the calming effect alone would be worth the price.  Thanks again for your time and information.  

James Gilmartin


Message: Good day to you, I hope all is wonderful. I was inquiring about your Fauna-Mana and saw that there is no longer any in stock. If you could please inform me and let me know when it is restocked I would greatly appreciate it… I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT! 🙂 Thank you very much, and have a great evening!

V. Gonzales

I love the powder. I put it in capsules and take 1 a day. I first started taking it because I was Leary of the seafood and soil contamination from Fukashima. However, I have had wonderful secondary effects, as I have never had so much energy or felt so healthy. Thank you.

Heidi from  Reno, Nv.

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