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TIME article reports on the benefits of Fulvic Acid used in spas. A New Rub,TIME, July 17, 2008. HumaSoak contains fulvic and humic acid, the active ingredients in spa mud! Sourced from U.S. deposits!

Going green with white biotech. How the chemical industry is using enzymes and fermentation to manufacture more efficiently and make products that are safer for the environment.

Check out Humic Substance science from the Northeastern University Humic Acid Research Group.

Properties of Humic Substances

International Humic Substance Society: We are proud members and support their recommended testing methods (which differ from the best methods for extraction).

Humic value in peat from the International Peat Society.

Curing cancer with mushroom extracts works  video  this shows the work being done with oyster mushroom extracts like the type used in Fauna Mana.

HPTA Certified Bug 4C-1

We use the Newly approved HPTA test method, the only approved and accurate test for humic and fulvic acids.

See our test results here 

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