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As you’ve probably learned from surfing our website, BioAg’s main service is supplying a reliable humic and fulvic acid product. Products are based on research from reputable studies and complimented by alliances with scientists, agronomists, alternative practitioners, & suppliers world-wide. The company’s strength is our teams’ ability to supply correct information for the use of humic substances. As research continues, we find new applications and information that expand our product line. Currently we service the following categories: human health, OEM formulation, and pet health. For crop health or remediation click here <>.

Our company promotes solutions that counter-act major worldwide environmental health problems and the goal of our website is to provide education, links, references and resources on our area of expertise in this matter.

Robert Faust is a  member of the International Humic Substance Society (IHSS) and founding member of the Humic Product Trade Association  (HPTA) which is the only credible organization for commercial humic products in the USA.We support  their recommended testing methods the only ones now accepted by any regulatory agencies.

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